GRAND SAVINGS TIPS: Travel Agent= Savings

Travel Agent = Savings

Making Travel Dreams Come True!

Destination weddings give you both the ceremony and honeymoon locations all wrapped in one trip. So now let’s discuss how you can get started. First, you should contact a travel agent to research locations for you. Most agents have already researched popular locations and may have the information available when you call. One benefit of calling an agent is getting promotional offers about a location at NO COST to you!

Travel agents provide professional guidance for locations, best dates to travel, and quality amenities to enhance your destination wedding. One of my travel partners recently said, “people retain professional doctors, attorneys, and hair stylists for services regardless of the price. Why are some afraid to book with a travel agent?”

There should be no hesitation to reserve your trip (individual or group) with a travel agent because we are here to serve you. Remember agents only get paid when you travel; so, we encourage you to explore the world and let us plan your trips. Plus, it is a win-win for everyone when you enjoy your experiences without the headache of planning on your own. Why would you book your destination wedding without a travel agent’s professional expertise?

Another benefit of booking with an agent occurs when you gain access to our vendor relationships with vacation providers (airlines, hotels, rental car companies, and more). Did you know that travel agents can gain extra discounts for you as brand ambassadors, by repeatedly booking reservations with providers? Our agents continue training throughout the year to obtain certifications and gain more knowledge about providers. In turn, we share kickbacks that benefit our customers. Think of how much you can save by booking your group with an ambassador agent.

Time is greater than Money for most of us because time is the only resource we can never get back. Our travel agents and wedding planning team @GrandEventsManagement work together saving you time and money, while creating the best possible experience overall. Take advantage of this cost-effective way to plan your destination wedding and enjoy the professional service you deserve. Are you ready for our professionals to “hookup” your trip, saving you time and money?

You can use our search engine to research locations and vacation packages. For further assistance feel free to contact us about planning your travel and wedding plans.

How far will you travel for the experience of a lifetime? What are the top three destinations you are considering to get married? Grand Travel Plans can research resorts and venues to setup your destination wedding in any location in the world. Follow these steps for more information:

Click our travel site and research locations. Enter your contact information on the website to receive a personal estimate for your trip.

Visit our wedding and event website – find out who we are and see the services we offer.

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Search Grand Events Management on Google for more pictures and information.

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We are working to update all media sites which will help you get to know us better. Contact us at to chat about your wedding plans and designs. Submit questions to us regarding travel and logistics for any celebrations and milestones: Destination Weddings, Honeymoons, Anniversaries, Birthdays, Group Travel, and Corporate Meetings. Let us turn your special occasion into a Grand celebration. We will take your Vision into Fruition! #GetGrand2Plan

Join us for the next blog where you learn more reasons to trust your travel agent for the best destination experience. Make sure you check out our previous post before you Travel to Paris.

Kelly J. Kirby

Certified Wedding Planner

Grand Events Manager

(985) 441-9436






Kelly J. Kirby

Travel Agent

Grand Travel Plans

(985) 441-9436



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